Develop new businesses via digital networking and collaboration.

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Discover new business partners around the World according to preferred location, business sector and business activity. Or just simply invite your existing business partners into a project.

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Start projects with your connected business partners based on your preferences and demands. Start business collaborations in R&D, sales & marketing, operations, logistics, HR or other business activities.

Develop new businesses

Develop new businesses, plan and organize tasks with business partners, communicate, and share files via foremost digital collaboration tools.

About us

DealUnity enables enterprises to develop new businesses via digital networking and collaboration.

At DealUnity, we believe that the future of business is powered by collaboration and new technology-driven partnerships, which will be transforming the World for the upcoming decades.

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Sign up for free, search for prospective business partners according to your preferences based on location, business sector or activity

Start projects with your connected business partners around the World. You can work with more than one business partner and invite more team members in a project. Use chat, organize tasks in a kanban board and in a calendar, and share files to manage your projects with business partners worldwide.

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DealUnity is available in 70+ countries now, hundreds of enterprises join us everyday, 500+ new projects are started daily. At DealUnity, we innovate constantly and expand progressively. DealUnity enables you to digitize your business activities for a fractional cost and scale your enterprise up.

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We are a catalyst of business in the digital era

Adapt the newest technology to foster your digital transformation, increase competitiveness on local and global markets, and scale up your business.

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